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Finished Apps:
(Organized from newest to oldest)

Schedule Coordinator.Created by Daniel Hua, click to download .zip archive. After unzipping the archive double-click the .bat batch file to run the program. (If Windows doesn't allow you to do that then use Command Prompt to open the .jar file. Use the command "java -jar Scheduler.jar" to open the .jar.
Screen Skier aka Physics Torture Simulation.Created by Daniel Hua, click to download .jar (You may or may not need java installed for this to work, just saying)
PROCRASTINATION TIMER. Created by Daniel Hua, debugged (rewritten) by Shreyas.
Word Root Quizzer. Created by Justin Chen.
Math Quizzer. Created by Daniel Hua, click to download. (I can't embed the Java applet over the web since I can't afford a legit security certificate, sorry).
SAT Vocab Quizzer. Created by Justin Chen.
Works in Progress:

1. Secret Sauce, so intense that we cannot post this here, because fapsoft might steal it. Just letting you guys know that no, we don't live in a cave, and we're still working!
2. Patrick's Magical Button Presser(when I saw the beta version, it was so perfect I had to lie down and will be in stasis for the next millenium). You'll love it, promise.

Random Crap:

1. Ben made a roblox mod in Lua. I'm not sure what it really is, so here, have a link: