Is this what a changelog is supposed to look like? XD I'm so clueless
(Besides only nerds read changelogs anyway)
("Changelog" doesn't feel like a real word and it's starting to bug me a lot)

The site now conforms to HTML 5 standards! Yay!
Also I added divs and crap to make this a bit easier to update. Hopefully I'll figure out PHP soon.
Alex, if you read this, please take down the fapsoft facebook post. It no longer applies >:D--7/4/2013

I'm planning to make this site more organized and less harsh on the eyes. Also, I've created a math quizzer app. Go to the software page of Snake Squared to test yourself!--5/24/2013

Snake Squared's first app! Yay! Justin, master codebender, has created an SAT word/vocab quizzer thing, with random words. Head over to Snake Squared's Software page to check it out!--5/15/2013

The fapsoft page has been removed, considering how I'm not even employed there any more. Now, the future: Snake Square Industries! --4/20/2013

Major site overhaul. Some things have been taken down, as they were buggy/unfinished/really dumb. I'm going to try to add some things and fix the text-based RPG, so yeah. (it's actually kind of embarrasing, seeing how long it's been since I've updated this)
On another note, I've magically learned how to use CSS and JavaScript and stuff. --4/7/2013

I'm pretty sure the game is completely done. Now I'm adding a few more features, stay posted!--8/13/2012

ziggywa.com's first bug fix! Text-based RPG's fire axe bug fixed. --5/4/2012

Added a text-based RPG. Check it out here.--5/2/2012 (4/7/2013: Took this down to fix some issues. By now, you've probably forgotten the steps necessary to beat this >:D)
BTW, I added some kind of text-based video game! Check it out here.--4/15/2012 (link has been taken down until I can get a moment to fix this)

Patrick, you know what? I don't owe you a dollar, as this technically counts as an "update". --4/15/2012

Nyan cat page done! :D Check it out here.--3/14/2013

I'm working on a nyan cat version of the saxroll site. Might post it soon. --12/24/2011

Ugh, I have a lot of stuff to do. More content coming soon! --12/20/2011

It's been a bit more than a month, and I haven't really had time to update my game.

However, I have added images to my game; hopefully I can post it here soon.--11/30/2011

However, I'm working on a lame Java game, which I'll post soon. Maybe I can also add more feature to this "blog."--10/22/2011