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Welcome to Snake Squared Industries! Enjoy your stay.
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New app, finally! It's a schedule program for all of you high school people who want to be in classes with your friends, and it's supposed to help you coordinate schedules with each other. Still in beta, but you can download it via the software page now. --8/31/2013
The ScreenSkier app's images should be in the .jar, so the program should actually work now without a derpy .zip. Go figure. --7/15/2013
Daniel H. made a ScreenSkier app, which is more or less a physics simulator. It's on the software page, go there to download it. --7/14/2013
The site is now compliant with HTML5 standards! Also I added divs, they're pretty cool. --7/4/2013
Justin C. returns with a word root quizzer. It's on the software page.--5/28/2013
Daniel H. has created a math quizzer program. Head over to the software page to test it! --5/24/2013
Justin Chen, an epic JavaScript programmer, has finished an SAT vocab quizzer program, with massive piles upon piles of vocab.
If you still want to take the SAT, head on over to our software page to check it out! --5/15/2013