Ziggywa.com is something I made sometime ago (actually, a really long time ago) while bored. Hope you like it!
Web development is very much a learning process for me, so bear with me as I try to sort this mess of a site out.

If you can't find something here that was here before this site was overhauled, that means that I'm going to try to fix that. Soon. Maybe.
Oh yeah, I'm also going to make this site all professional and fancy with PHP and stuff when I get the chance. Promise.

Check out my latest project: animemousepadshop.com
It's an e-commerce experiment. Selling high quality anime mousepads. 3D, boobs, all that good stuff. Great wrist support, gaming, yadda yadda.
Good stuff.

Also do check out: 3danimemousepadreview.wordpress.com. Good stuff happens there.